Smart Touchless Lift

Introducing SMART Lift/Elevator with Touchless Operations.
Now by presenting QR codes on mobile App, users can operate lifts without touching it.

Awesome features

Touching elevator button multiple time in a day is a basic requirement in building premises. In current scenario, It’s not a safe practice any more (risk of infection). CuroElevate provide an option to opertae lifts touchless with its unique features.

Touchless Operations

All Elevator operations can be done from mobile app … making elevator operation 100% touchless.

QR Code Enabled

Each lift is provided with unique QR Code, so that only the desired lift is operated by user when inside lift.

Auto Geo Location

App automatically finds current lift lobby using geo location to only allow operation within lift lobby.

Multiple Operations

For better user experience and reduce chaos, app allows multiple floor selection once inside lift.

CuroElevate Presentation

Need to present details about CuroElevate App and its working step-by-step, view presentation from video play button on left.

Download presentation by clicking on the button below.

How it works?

CuroElevate provides very user friendly Step-by-Step Lift operation

Step-By-Step Screenshots

  • Step 1: Select Current Floor
  • Step 2: Select Up/Down button or lift
  • Step 3: Scan Lift QR Code
  • Step 4: Select Destination Floor


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CuroElevate is available for both iOS and Android on App Store and Play Store respectively.

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